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30 November 2016 @ 09:41 am


Let time spent as in days of old in the warm companionship of our wonderful fandom give you a reason to smile before the year is out.

Join us for a chance to enjoy, with friends old and new, what brings us all together— love of a fantastic series, and sharing that love.

*Create and post FMA fanworks on any winter theme to share with the fandom
*Get a little package of goodies in the mail as thanks The more you create, the bigger your package!
*Join us in the chatroom to share works and talk fandom

We are waiting for you!

See the full details here.

-Fanny, anotherFMAfan@LJ, mod of celebrate_fma
Feel free to leave a comment, send an LJ message, or shoot me an email: anotherFMAfan at aimdotcom