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The Binary Alchemist
By binaryalchemist
Rating: This chapter rated PG-13 for language and off-camera sex
Pairing: Roy/Ed, past Hughes/Roy, Al/Anything in a skirt, Chris Mustang/General Grumman
Spoilers and Warnings: Post-Manga verse, Yaoi romance/angst/humor. Stand alone part of the “Half Lives” series.
Plot:  Roy Mustang: Soldier. Statesman. Alchemist. Peace making envoy and world traveler…”And nobody knows who the hell I am, really.  You can read the sanitized version of my life in the history books—or we can break out a bottle of booze, fill up the glasses and I can tell you the stories that the censors left out—which are hell of a lot more interesting…”
Chapter Summary: Edison Elric--Alphonse' descendant--and his otherworldly sister Emma have arrived at Rose Hill, and Roy and Ed are secretly wagering on who will crack first--with the odds running against Alphonse. Meanwhile, as Roy recounts the story of his life, Christine Mustang learns of the death of her brother from a young army officer named Grumman...and also learns of the fate that may lie in store for the young orphan Roy if he is sent to the state-run orphanage, which is supervised by a certain gold-toothed doctor...
.A/N :  If you’ve read this or any of Half Lives/Whole Lives/Our Lives/Private Lives, let me know what you thought—your feedback means so much! “Half Lives”, “Whole Lives” “Our Lives” and other fics hosted at fanfiction.net at http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1651220/BinaryTales and also at  my new host  at AO3. Thanks for readingThe young officer pressed an affectionate kiss on Chris Mustang’s bare shoulder. “You can’t just take the boy, Christine.” “Watch me.”Collapse )