March 10th, 2015

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Fic: "Devotion" Chapter 24

Title: Devotion
Author: evil_little_dog
Summary: When Alphonse dies, Edward spirals out of control, and into the arms of a dangerous woman.
Characters/Pairings: Edward, Winry, Roy, Riza, Gracia, OC's. Ed/OC, Past!Winry/Al, Ed+/Winry
Disclaimer: I am not Hiromu Arakawa. I just play her on TV.
Rating: Adult.
A.N.: Alternate Reality. Everything Mangaverse is fair game, but might be seen at a different angle.
A.N. 2: Much thanks to cornerofmadness for the attaboys and edits and suggestions and also to lyrangalia for loving this story and wanting more, ‘way back when I first started writing it.

Who knew what tragedies or comedies played out amongst them? Were any traveling to a funeral, or a wedding? Could some be on honeymoons? Farmers, looking to improve their crops or herds? It had been some years since Roy had played the guessing game Auntie Chris had taught him, a game which taught him how to read people, from their clothes and their calluses, the lines on their faces, the dirt on their shoes and oil on their sleeves.

Note: Entire story (plus art and other stuff) located at AO3. FYI, the chapters are numbered differently at AO3.
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Fanfic Post - All Wet

Title: All Wet
Author: Kristen Sharpe
Date Completed: February 8, 2015
Rating/Warnings: PG - brief mention of unpleasantness.
Continuity/Timeline: Animeverse - expansion on the pre-series prologue to "Conqueror of Shamballa". Though it could probably stand alone as a general pre-series adventure too.

After the first few crackpots, you started to get a feel for the type. Castles were never a good sign.
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Games Without Frontiers - Ch. 5 - Roy/Riza Rated: PG

Series Title: Games without Frontiers
Series Rating: PG - NC-17
Main Character:Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye
Other Characters: Various other members of the Peanut Gallery called Fullmetal Alchemist
Word Count: 1,642

Synopsis: She'd given him a free ticket out of this world, then ran like a little coward. She hadn’t even the balls to watch him use it.

Author's Notes: AU/Non Canon.  My own little private timeline; my own private little world.  Yeah, and, just to add, my own little crackpot theories.  Nothing else related to any episode of any kind, except the usage of the character(s) in question, though some events in some episodes will be used out of context as artistic license. I try not to make the events I use too spoilerish, but if I can’t help it, you’ll get a warning.  Commentary is certainly welcome and tends to make me go “you like me! you really like me!”

Each chapter is titled after a lyric in a song that was part of the soundtrack I have for this tale. Check the current music for the song.

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