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The Binary Alchemist
By binaryalchemist
Rating: This chapter rated PG 13 for language and mature content-short chapters due to LJ.
Pairing: Roy/Ed, Havoc/Hawkeye, past Hughes/Roy, references to Ed and Winry’s divorce and Winry’s remarriage
Spoilers and Warnings: Post-Manga verse, Star of Milos, the FMA Novels and Prince of the Dawn game. Yaoi romance/angst/humor
Plot:  Roy and Ed have been together for 15 years now—Roy prepares to fulfill his 520-cenz promise to make Amestris a democracy, but just before Roy’s 50th birthday and his wedding to Edward a tell-all biography about Mustang is published  that sets the country on its ear---because the ‘truth’ about the Promised Day is about to come out, with Roy miscast as the evil genius behind it all…
Chapter Summary: On the eve of Roy’s testimony before the Amestrian Parliament—and the first  revelations of the deadly secrets of the War and the Promised Day—hope and help come from the strangest places….
A/N: Thanks for being patient due to my overlong medical hiatus—so good to be writing again!  Feedback greatly appreciated---“Half Lives”, “Whole Lives” and other fics hosted at fanfiction.net at http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1651220/BinaryTales   and also at  my new host  at AO3. Thanks for reading!Roy bowed to his long time adversary. “I am in your debt, Ma’am.” General Armstrong smiled coldly.. “For the rest of your life, Mustang. For the rest of your life.”Collapse )
Barking at the wind
06 December 2014 @ 06:21 pm
Title: Without
Author: evil_little_dog
Series: Manga
Word Count: Appx 300
Rating: K+
Characters/Pairings: Edward
Summary: He is no longer an alchemist.
Warnings: Mentions of what happened during the final chapter.
Disclaimer: Hiromu owns all. I just futz around with her characters.

And a part of him mourned that loss.

Title: Envious
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters/Pairings: Envy, the Homunculi, Father
Author: evil_little_dog
Words: 218
Rating: K+
Summary: Envy is.
Warnings: N/A
Disclaimer: All Arakawa’s baby, none of my own.

Do not tease Envy.