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The Binary Alchemist
AUTHOR: binaryalchemist
RATING: NC17 for Yaoi humor and sexual content. This chapter rated PG13 for language and adult humor
PAIRING: Roy/Ed, implied Havoc/Hawkeye
SPOILERS: None. Post MangaVerse. Stand alone side story from the “Half Lives” series
SUMMARY: There are tales that Roy Mustang never wanted in his official biography. Some were too intimate. Some were too personal..and some made him look like an idiot. This is one of those tales.
Having failed to pay attention to safety briefings about West Area wildlife, Roy gets a nasty bite in the worst possible place by a dangerous red back spider, discovering that the only thing worse than the venomous bite is what it takes to cure it….
THIS CHAPTER: While Ed feasts in rustic café on the Aerugo/Creta border, savoring the local pastas and wine, Roy is getting sicker by the minute in the Western Outback, raising hell from his hospital bed and getting into a figurative food fight with the infamous Colonel “Mad Man” Mandalay…and poor Havoc is caught right in the middle…“Chief?” “They’re feeding me snot again, Havoc.” A tin fork poked cautiously at a greasy slab of some grayish protein that, thankfully, did not poke back. “Snot over something dead. I can’t identify it. That’s becoming a pattern here, and I don’t like it worth a damn. Unidentified dead protein, slathered in snot, powdered potatoes and dried carrots and peas that must have been foraged from the field rations back when my father was a cavalry officer serving in these parts.”Collapse )