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My Pride
16 October 2014 @ 12:39 am
Roy art, Space Pirate Captain Mustang!
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My Pride
Title: Re;mechano #01 { Bolt from the blue
Doujika/Circle: GD Mechano/Yakumo Izumi
Pairing: Roy/Maes + Maes/Glacier
Language: English/Italian
Rating: PG-13
Pages: 13
Editing&Translate: 3pride
RAWs: Unknow
Download: Here

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The Binary Alchemist
BY: binaryalchemist
RATING: NC 17 for Yaoi Humor
PAIRING: Roy/Ed, ambiguous jokes about Jean Havoc
SPOILERS: Post Manga-verse crackfic, yaoi romance and adult humor
SUMMARY: There are tales from the life of Fuhrer President Roy Mustang that will end up in the history books. This is not one of them—not if Roy can prevent it. A moment of poor judgement on a dark night in the western territory outback led to one of the most embarrassing accidents the Flame Alchemist ever had to bribe or threaten others to keep out of the papers….
Author’s Note: This is, unfortunately, inspired by actual events. Only the species of the spider and the location of the attack have been changed. The humiliations, however, are pretty damn close to the truth…
(lyrics to "Redback Spider" are my re-write of the original 1970's Aussie folk song by Slim Newton)
"There was a mean ol' redback spider At the dunny hole last night Too dark to see the bastard But by hell I felt the bite I jumped ten feet up in the air Before i hit the ground But that g**damned redback spider He weren't nowhere to be found!"--traditional western territory outback drinking songCollapse )