May 28th, 2014

FMA Ed Coat

FIC: Reawakening (2/6)

Title: Reawakening (2/6)
Author: jordannamorgan
Rating: PG for a small amount of violence.
Characters Edward, Alphonse, the Curtises, Winry, assorted original characters, and a special guest villain.
Pairings: This story is gen, but Izumi/Sig, Winry/Mason, and Mustang/Hawkeye are referenced as fait accompli.
Summary: Continuation of my AU one-shot story “Rebirth”. Fifteen years after being reborn as a child of the Curtises, Edward has grown to be a healthy, settled teenager with no memory of his first life. Yet shadows of the past are beginning to fall over the family’s happiness… and not all of Ed’s old enemies have forgotten him.