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The Binary Alchemist
By binaryalchemist
Rating: NC-17 for yaoi, drunken debauchery and prostitution during wartime,language
Genre: Army humor/Yaoi/some minor wartime angst
Pairings: Hughes/Roy, references to Hughes/Gracia
Summary: Roy Mustang shares another tale from his biography about the worst holiday ever, spent in the war zone with a drunk and lovesick Hughes who seems determined to protect his old lover Mustang from the perils of booze, loose women and other delights...
Chapter Summary: Obsessed with his new girlfriend, Gracia, Hughes is oblivious to how his moonstruck swooning over The Perfect Woman is infuriating his lover and best friend Roy. On the eve of the Xingese New Year, the pair are deployed to the front--after being forced to listen to a dozen "hygiene lectures" about the hazards of visiting brothels--and Hughes declares that he will protect his 'buddy' at all costs from straying from the Straight and Narrow...You put your meager soldier’s pay in your pocket. You put the familiar foil wrapped condom in your wallet and hope that you can beg or buy a drink and find someone to keep you warm before you march off to die. The warm body I wanted was right there in the tent with me. The problem was, it wasn’t in my cot. It was curled up on the cot opposite mine and its occupant was staring wistfully at a picture of a mousy-haired girl and—if you can believe this—lecturing me on not running off and getting laid with someone else.Collapse )