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The Binary Alchemist
By binaryalchemist
Rating: NC-17 for adult content, yaoi and language. This chapter NSF!
Parings: Roy/Ed, past Hughes/Roy, Alphonse/A Cast of Thousands,Winry/Pitt Renback from the FMA novel “Under The Faraway Sky”
SPOILERS: post manga, stand-alone story from the Half Lives ‘verse
SUMMARY: On a lonely Solstice night, Alphonse cheers Roy up with a challenge: "You've never told me about the men in your life. What about Brother? What about Hughes?" And the best stories begin with the words, "...no sh*t, there I was..."
THIS CHAPTER:  As a young alchemy student, Roy got his hands on a copy of  “The Way Of The White Dragon”—a  illicit manual on erotic Tantric Alchemy so detailed and explicit that the Central Library kept their copy in a locked vault . Aside from increasing his transmutative powers, it changed his love life forever…especially once he discovers that Ed’s read the same banned book.

Feedback greatly appreciated-----“Half Lives”, “Whole Lives” , “Our Lives” and other fics hosted at fanfiction.net at http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1651220/BinaryTales   and also at  my new host  at AO3 http://archiveofourown.org/users/Binaryalchemist Thanks for reading!!Now I understood. Edward and I had both been taught that there were no boundaries of sex or gender in alchemy---or in love. I wrapped my arms around him and for the first time, he said my name as if it mattered to him.Collapse )