October 1st, 2013

FMA - Greed

Make a fanwork for October 3rd and/or 4th

There are two FMA anniversaries coming up: October 3rd and 4th. October 3rd is the memorial for the franchise as a whole  ("Don't forget October 3,11.") and October 4th 2003 was the day the first episode of the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime aired in the US. How about doing something to celebrate those days? Make a post about your favorite things in FMA, write a flashfic, do a fic recording, draw a picture, make an AMV, a fanmix, do anything you want! And lets celebrate the days and enjoy each others creations, new and old fans together. :)
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FMA stuff for sale!

Hi all!

I've updated my sales page with a couple dozen FMA genga/douga animation drawings from the first show. I need to thin out my collection, and I'd love for these artwork pieces to go to other fans who will appreciate them.

I still have keychains and cell phone charms, too, and feel free to make me offers! My prices aren't set in stone.

Thanks! ^_^

Stuff for sale is this way!