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prufrock, before he got famous
Title: Get Another Round In
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist (manga/brotherhood)
Written for: Triskaidekalogue for Rarewomen Exchange
Featured Character: Rebecca Catalina
Other Characters: Riza Hawkeye, Madame Christmas
Rating: T
Word count: 4,049
Also available at AO3
Summary: A month after the Promised Day, Riza Hawkeye invites Rebecca Catalina to meet her at a mysterious new bar. That's the kind of offer Becca's never been able to refuse.
Thanks: Thanks to , , and for betaing, and to , , and for the crash course in bartending lingo and general mixology.
A/N: Title comes from the song "I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous" by Frank Turner

FIC: Get Another Round In