March 19th, 2013

Redo - Chapter 4

Title: Redo
Author: lilshorty7923
Rating: Eventual T but G for right now
Warnings: none, Ed's language maybe
Spoilers: This takes place after Brotherhood, so will have spoilers for that series
Pairings: Roy/Ed, Al/Winry
Summary: While chasing a rogue alchemist with his brother and Roy Mustang, a 22 year old Ed gets sent back in time, with Al, to right before their first trip to Lior. Brotherhood AU. Time Travel.
Author's Notes: This fic can also be found on

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Chapter 4
FMA Roy Colonel Badass

FIC: Eclipsed By The Sun 7/10 - Another Road Traveled: Promise Filled Sky - R

Eclipsed by the Sun 7/10

Summary: After facing Lust under the Third Laboratory, Roy and Ed have teamed up to learn more about the homunculi while waiting for the other shoe to drop. In the process they find themselves learning more about each other and seeing past differences that have divided them for years. Will these welcome distractions tear them apart or bring new and unexpected possibilities for them both?

AUTHOR: catw00man and zippitgood
UNIVERSE: Another Road Traveled
SERIES: Promise Filled Sky
CHARACTERS: Roy Mustang/Edward Elric, Heymans Breda, Jean Havoc, Alphonse Elric, Ling Yao, Lan Fan, Winry Rockbell, Riza Hawkeye, Kain Fuery, Vato Falman, Gracia Hughes
WORD COUNT: 10,048 (Chapter), 76,515 (Overall)
DISCLAIMER: The characters portrayed within are not ours. This is merely a loving response to the original work.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is part of a larger Universe called Another Road Traveled. Promise Filled Sky falls within this universe and chronicles the beginning of the saga. This story immediately follows A New Dawn. Other stories within this universe may be found HERE.

AO3 | Chapter 7
FMA Roy Colonel Badass

FIC: Burning Through Scars of the Past 1/7 - R

AN: Ok so finally back from a long vacation and catching up on posting! This was a totally different fic for me and I absolutely loved mixing the worlds in this one. A huge thanks to remaintobreathe for the inspiration. Also, as a side note, I've renamed my fic journal to elysianfields (just as an fyi). Hope you enjoy! :-)

Burning Through Scars of the Past 1/7

Summary: Twenty years after Ed and Al disappeared through the gate they show up back in Amestris, deep under Central, barely alive. Roy struggles to understand what’s happened on the other side to break the bond between the brothers and to understand this new man Ed’s become.

AUTHOR: catw00man
CHARACTERS: Roy Mustang/Edward Elric, Winry Rockbell, Alphonse Elric, Riza Hawkeye & some OCs
WORD COUNT: 3,421 (Chapter), 31,442 (Overall)
DISCLAIMER: The characters portrayed within are not mine. This is merely a loving response to the original work.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is inspired by an amazing piece of art created by the very talented artist remaintobreathe. I was thrilled to have the chance to work with her and you can see her lovely art at the the end of the last chapter. A big thanks to her for inspiring me and challenging me to write a story based in the first FMA anime universe! This is set about 20 years after the movie CoS.
ARTIST: The beautiful art for this story was provided by the very talented remaintobreathe as part of the 2012 fmabigbang challenge.

AO3 | Chapter 1