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28 January 2013 @ 12:15 am
Title --Flower that Smiles Today
Author-- cornerofmadness
series -- manga/FMA:B
Disclaimer -- Arakawa owns them.
Rating -- teen
Characters/Pairing -- Al/Mei
Timeline/Spoilers -- Post 108
Word Count -- 1,069
Warning -- major character death
Summary -- Just one bullet changes everything.

Al couldn’t breathe
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My Pride
Title: Boy Disappearance
Doujika/Circle: Pistol Dynamites / Uchida Mikage
Pairing: Heiderich/Ed
Rating: NC-17
Pages: 75
Scanned&Cleaning: 3pride
Download: [ Here ]

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Barking at the wind
28 January 2013 @ 08:25 pm
Title: Anywhere But Here
Author: evil_little_dog
Series: 2003 Anime/CoS
Word Count: 1,020 (appx)
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairings: Edward (Ed/Win), Original character
Summary: Edward just wants to go home.
Warnings: Check out the prompt.
Disclaimer: I totally own nothing of this. Nope.
fma_fic_contest prompt: “Character Death”
Notes: This takes place in my series, The Lost Boy, but all you really need to know is included in the story.

I hate hospitals.

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