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Okay, so the other day I wrote to the people at Hot Topic about their product descriptions for the Fullmetal Alchemist t-shirts. I dunno, I felt like kinda just making them aware of the fandom and how their product summaries weren't technically correct for what symbols from the show on the t-shirts really meant and a lot of people I talked to about it agreed with me.

So, I sent them an email saying that where they said "schematic star circles" it would probably be more appropriate to put "alchemic arrays" and that fans of the series who would buy the shirts would be thinking of them as those and not as "schematic stars." And they had no idea what the "flamel" was and were just calling it a symbol of the show. So, I told them what it was and anyways... He got back to me today.

I don't have the originial email I sent because I sent it from the website. But, I do have the two emails he sent me back:

I got this one today at about 3:30 PM.

Hey Sama,

Well, thanks for claritying the verbiage on the Full Metal tees for us. Funimation does not send us the product descriptions...they are written by our internet copywriter, so they certainly are not an ultra educated anime fan. We'll try and make them more accurate for you and your friends...

Scott M, men's tee buyer

And I got this one a couple hours ago though I didn't read it until a few minutes ago.

Hey Sama,

Let your friends know the descriptions have been updated on our internet site.

Was I being annoying? Yes. But look! They edited it! And, you know, I am an ass... but I found this to be amusing and really good of them.

Random after thought... calling the flamel an actual flamel probably will confuse some of the dubbies... >>;

Here are the originial product descriptions:

"Alchemist schematic star logo (1) screened on the front in white, a large black logo (2) screened on the back and a small hit on the left sleeve."

"This black T-shirt has a dark but colorful front screen of Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric standing in front of a star schematic(1)."

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