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24 December 2012 @ 12:06 am

Title The Concupiscence Conjectures. Or, Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye’s very scientific theorem on making out. Chapter 5.
Author turtleyurtle1
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist Manga/Brotherhood.
Word Count: 3,949
Rating: M
Notes: Pre-Canon AU. Part 1 of The Soldier’s Element series. Rating for sexual content.

Summary With hypotheses to be proven and a summer to spare Riza and Roy steal moments to themselves between their studies to work on their bonds.

Snippet “Isn’t covalent bonding sometimes inevitable, with the right elements?”

Find Chapter Five on —  AO3  FFN - updates once weekly o Mondays.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the secular world of FMA everybody! x-posted.