August 15th, 2012

FMA Ed-Win I think of you

Fic: "Fair Shares Of" 1/1

Title: Fair Shares Of
Artist/Author: evil_little_dog
Rating: K+
Warnings: Future-fic; mentions of canon pairings.
fma_cya Prompt: … a post canon fic in which Ling were emperor but he and Lan Fan could only be friends. Much like the Roy/Riza canon situation. My idea was that perhaps Roy as a general/ambassador travels to Xing with Riza and during the course of things Riza and Ling begin to see they are in a similar situation, unable to be with the one they might initially chose to be with and bond over it.
Word Count: Appx. 3,500
Summary: There might be something between them, if there weren’t the strictures around them.
Disclaimer: At night, I sekritly dress in a cow suit and fight crime draw FMA manga. And if you believe that, I’ve got some beach property in Miami to sell you.
Notes: Thanks to cornerofmadness for her edits.

Her smile made him think of apricots, and dates, and other sweet things, not of soldiers in blue.

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