July 6th, 2012

Roy-Ed Solider Boy


Title: Shrimp
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Verse: FMA Cradle Robbers Series
Characters: Roy/Ed, the usual crew
Author: lynx212
Genre: Romance/Angst/Humor
Words: 1,463
Rating: T
Summary: Roy thinks back to how him and Ed came to be more than friends. 
Warnings/Notes: This is a new series that will feature slice of life fics (probably some smut fics too) featuring the following couples (Roy/Ed, Jean/Russell, Breda/Al, Riza/Winry and Kain/Fletcher) Now that I've listed them I'm sure the name of the Verse makes perfect sense ... lol ENJOY! 

The Desert Ague (Chapter 2/?, EdWin, Jerso, teen), written for FMA: CYA

Title: The Desert Ague (2/?)
Rating: T for innuendo/language
Prompt: I would like some hurt/comfort with Ed in Creta or some other country in the east. Het please, but nothing explicit.....I'm looking for hurt/comfort with some sexy twists. Don't take yourself too seriously, if you can put in a few bits of comedy, I'd love it, but it's OK if you want to go with the more angst laden h/c.
Word count (chapter 2): 2600
Summary: When Ed attempts to make the trek to Xing to attend Ling's coronation as emperor, things go disastrously wrong. Turns out it really is a bad idea to cross the desert with automail. Good thing Winry tagged along, both to keep him alive and to call him ten kinds of idiot for having set out in the first place.

"And how exactly were you feeling once you got to Xerxes?" she asked him, her eyes daring him to lie to her.