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20 June 2012 @ 10:24 am
Title -- Romancing the Stone
Author-- cornerofmadness
series -- manga
Disclaimer -- Arakawa owns them
Rating -- PG-13
Characters/Pairing -- Ed, Al, implied Ed/Winry
Timeline/Spoilers -- post series
Word Count -- 249
Warning -- sap
Summary -- His whole life has been in pursuit of that special stone that will make his life whole
Author’s Note -- Don’t hit me for the title. Thanks to evil_little_dog for the beta. This was written for fma_fic_contest's prompt 'stone.'


His entire life had been spent in search of a stone
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20 June 2012 @ 07:57 pm
Title: Reverberations
Author: Antigone Rex
Rating: Teen / PG13
Characters: Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye (Royai)
Warnings:  Violence, some sexual situations in later chapters.  Spoilers for the whole series.
Summary:  Roy and Riza's burgeoning relationship is tested in the aftermath of the Promised Day.  Will their love endure in spite of new enemies and old heartaches?

Read it on FFN here.

Read earlier chapters (LJ) here.

Chapter 10: Keen

Barking at the wind
20 June 2012 @ 09:05 pm
Title: The Way of Stones
Author: evil_little_dog
Word Count: 399
Rating: Teen
Characters: Slave Twenty-Three, original characters
Summary: It felt like a celebration.
Warnings: Pre-series. Violence/blood/death.
Disclaimer: If I owned anything of this, I wouldn’t be living in Boxtown.
fma_fic_contest prompt: “Stone”
Notes: This is the longer version of the story posted for fma_fic_contest.

“Did you hear?”

Fake cut will take you to my LJ.
20 June 2012 @ 09:56 pm
Title: How to Die
Author: Shell Mel
Rating: PG - 13
Warning: Some violence and near death scenes
Spoilers: Spoilers for episode 22 and end of anime series.
Characters: Edward Elric, Roy Mustang
Summary: AU Edward never though much about the incident back in lab 5 with the red water. He doesn't really remember it that much. He's seventeen now, repaying his debt by helping Mustang reach the top now Al finally has his body again. But what happens when he and Mustang become targets for assassination?
Author Notes: Alternative ending to Anime series. Prologue is based in episode 22, while the rest is a year after the series.

PrologueCollapse )

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