May 26th, 2012

Creative Impulse

3 bits of art

I keep forgetting to post things over here. I'm bad.

Fan Art: Hawkeye x2
Rating: G
Characters: Riza Hawkeye
Warnings: Avengers crossover.
Notes: It kinda had to be done, heh. (Things I am aware I forgot: SHIELD logo, quiver, and zipper.)

Things that are intentional: Riza is right-handed.

Fan Art: Colonel
Rating: G
Characters: Edward Elric
Warnings: Alternate future
Notes: From my Reverse'verse series.

I love drawing Ed in the military uniform. Makes him look all grown up.

Fan Art: Dragon Slayers
Rating: G
Characters: Ed & Roy
Warnings: Crossover
Notes: This is what happens when I marathon catching up on a series and I've got my tablet out.

I would draw Winry as Lucy, but that seems too easy....