May 24th, 2012

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[FMA Big Bang Fic] Chasing the Desert, Chapter Six

Title: Chasing the Desert
Author: bay115
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: R
Word Count: ~40,000
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Riza, Miles/Miles’s wife, Scar, Breda, Fuery, Maria Ross, Grumman, various other canon and original characters
Warnings: Language, some violence, mild sex, instances of discrimination over a fictional race/culture (in this case, the Ishvalans), one NSFW art
Summary: Once upon a time, there was a king and queen who wanted to set things straight… Not long after the Promised Day was over, Roy and Riza are getting used to their newfound romantic relationship. At the same time they make progress on restoring Ishval and help out with rebuilding Amestris’s political and government system. The plans didn’t get off to a great start when several Ishvalans were skeptical over Roy’s plans on revising the Ishval policies and supporters of the late Fuhrer Bradley not wanting the changes to happen.
Notes 1: The sixth chapter of my 2011-2012 fmabigbang. I'll be posting more as soon as my betas finished looking through the other chapters. Story crossposted to both my LJ and Dreamwidth.

Chapter Six
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