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prufrock, before he got famous
Title: Ceremony (The Sex, Lies, and Politics Remix)
Word count: 9,831
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Roy Mustang, Maes Hughes, Riza Hawkeye, Madame Christmas, Original Characters
Pairings: Roy/Original Female Character, Roy/Original Male Character, Riza/Original Male Character, Maes Hughes/Gracia Hughes, Past Roy/Maes
Summary: Despite all the promotions, Roy doesn't feel like he's getting anywhere. So why does he have to leave so much behind?
Written for: harmonyangel for Remix X. This story is a Remix of Safe Space, which is awesome and should be read by everyone.
Author's Note: Possibly I should have called this, "Roy screws his way through Central City," which would have been more accurate, and might have gotten more hits.

FIC: Ceremony (The Sex, Lies, and Politics Remix).