April 22nd, 2012


Three Drawings

Titles: "Secrets don't make friends", "Kiss your Bride Son", and "Napping"

Characters: Ed/Winry, and there's one with Riza in it too.
Ratings:  All perfectly harmless G

I just got some new markers and have been playing around with them.  I'm trying to work on some images of Ed and Winry's life together, and so far I've just been jumping around in time.  So I guess this is kind of a preview?

The drawings be this way.


i met them!!!

hi everyone, i have a surprise. you won't believe who came to my dump of a town. Travis Willingham n Laura Bailey. they were super nice n i got their autographs. i will place their photo on here, but you must not take it aways\ from me. i do not want others to steal it for their use. it's only for FMA fans n community. lookie here. please respect my rules n them please. thank you.