April 20th, 2012

envy (nagisathesis)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Items Come to Gaia Online!

One of the most-loved anime series of all time, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the epic tale of Alphonse and Edward Elric-- their bodies mangled by an attempt to use a forbidden form of alchemy to bring their mother back from the dead-- and their journey across a war-torn land in search of the Philosopher's Stone in a bid to undo the damage.

Gaia has teamed up with the folks behind Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood to bring you items from the legendary series! Grab the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Chance Item and you'll get one of the following iconic exclusives:

(Due to licensing issues, we're only able to offer this CI in the Cash Shop to customers in the United States. Sorry!)

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Fic: Footrubs/At The End of All Things

Two fics for fma_slashfest.

Title: Footrubs
Author: gaia_lulia
Rating: T
Spoilers: none that I can think of
Warnings: Pay attention to the characters/pairings?
Characters/Pairings: Roy/Maes/Riza/Gracia
Summary: Roy and Maes, hanging out on the couch.

Fake cut to AO3:
(After dinner, Gracia threw them out of the kitchen.)

Title: At The End of All Things
Author: gaia_lulia
Rating: K
Spoilers: Takes place immediately after the Promised Day, so, a ton.
Warnings: Armstrong hugs people in this.
Characters/Pairings: Maria Ross/Rebecca Catalina
Summary: After everything's over on the Promised Day, Ross and Catalina ride out to survey the damage.

Fake cut to AO3:
(Just like that, it was over.)
*double pistols and a wink*

Fic: Eye Trap

Title: Eye Trap
Author: peppaminty
Word Count: 784
Rating: PG-13?
Warnings: Genderbending and some dirty thoughts fom the office crew.
Characters: femme!Ed, Havoc, Breda, Hawkeye, Fuery, Falman, Mustang
Summary: Edie makes her entrance at Central HQ. It is a dramatic one.
Notes: Yes, more of Edie. I'm having far too much fun fleshing out her universe.

The girl who strode into the office wore an air of confidence.