April 14th, 2012

[FMA] Chibi RoyEd

3 Drabbles

Title: Proud
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Wrath
Rating: G
Warning: Bad writing
Words: 213
Summary: Roy’s so proud of his lover

Title: Introspection
Pairing/Characters: Ed, Alfons (Implied Roy/Ed)
Rating: G
Warning: Really bad writing
Words: 301
Summary: Ed does some thinking

Both here

Title: The Alchemist’s Orgy
Pairing/Characters: Random Amestrians, Roy, Ed, Havoc, Hughes
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Complete insanity
Words: 277
Summary: A whole new way to look at the idea of a picnic.

Here be insanity
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FMA Fic: Philosopher's Stone

Title: Philosopher's Stone
Author: tirinkadink
Rating: PG, for possibly disturbing themes.
Warnings: Takes place near the end of Brotherhood, and I guess the manga too, but unlikely to spoil.
Spoilers: Early Brotherhood, mid-early first anime, regarding philosopher's stones.
Characters/Pairings: Military OC, hinted at one-sided OCxRoy.
A/N: While this OC is fully-developed in her own right, here, she serves as the everyman, and diminishes the amount of spoilers applied in exploring this concept. This story is also available on my DeviantArt, where it looks a bit nicer.

Fake cut: The noise swept over her soul, reached in and invaded her very being with their incessant shrieking, and she was helpless.
Roy Thoughful

North, South, East and West - 3

Title: North, South, East and West - 3
Fandom: FMA
Pairing/Characters: Roy, Ed, Jean, Breda (One sided - Roy/Ed, Jean/Ed, Maes/Roy, Breda/Jean)
Words: 4 parts 100 words each
Genre: Drama/Angst 
Rating: R
Warnings: None
Summary: Everyone's thinking but no one's acting. Sometimes the road really is uphill both ways. 
A/N: This entire series will be from the alternating points of view of the 4 main characters
Previous Parts HERE