April 11th, 2012


Fic: Moonrise 9/10

Title: Moonrise
Author: gaia_lulia
Rating: T
Spoilers: none; this is an AU
Warnings: graphic violence
Characters/Pairings: Ed, Al, Roy, Riza, Kimbley
Summary: The Guardians of Flame and Steel have been called before the Emperor. Alone and afraid, Alphonse Elric waits for the moon to rise. Occult fantasy AU: magic and werewolves.

Fake cut to AO3:
(Al considered his options, and finally laid down the two of coins.)

So much love to mebh_me, for making this bit much better than it would have been.

Next to last chapter- we're almost done here. :)
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Fic: "Soon" 1/1

Title: Soon
Author: evil_little_dog
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters/Pairings: Roy Mustang, Zolf J. Kimbley (Kimbley/Mustang)
Rating: R/Teen-Adult
Warnings: Physical abuse. Domination. 2nd Person POV.
Prompt: Any fandom, any characters or pairing, the cuts and bruises feel so deserved that it doesn't feel like abuse.
Summary: Roy needs to do something to feel better. Ishbalan War arc.
Disclaimer: Arakawa would probably hate what I do with her characters.
Notes: Thanks to cornerofmadness for the edits.

There are stories you’ve heard, about scorpions and spiders as big as your fist crawling into boots and stinging, about things that crawled up a soldier’s leg, under the uniform and bit, and the soldier losing a limb.

Fake cut will take you to my LJ. Crossposted.
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FIC: Roughing It

Title: Roughing It (1/7)
Author: jordannamorgan
Series: Original anime, but mostly cross-compatible.
Word Count: Roughly 40,000 total.
Rating/Warnings: Mild PG for fantasy violence.
Characters: Edward, Alphonse, Hughes and family, Mustang, original villains.
Summary: In an effort to learn more about the Elric brothers and Mustang’s connection to them, Hughes maneuvers the three into a camping trip with his family—but the fun and games end when they find themselves caught in the fallout of a deadly museum heist.
Note: This story was originally slated for the FMA Big Bang. That didn’t work out, but in case anyone who might have read the summary there was interested, I’m posting this link to the first chapter.

( Chapter I: A Little Blackmail Between Friends )

For various personal reasons, I have sworn off posting in fandom communities, so this will be my last fic post here. However, I am still writing. If anyone has enjoyed my fic and wants to continue reading it, I recommend watching my fic journal prose_alchemist, or my archives at Fanfiction.net and AO3.

Broken Little Things Part 5

Title: Broken Little Things Part 5
Author: inugrlrayn
Word Count: 3,839
Rating: Probably R or NC-17 (PG-13ish for this part)
Characters: eventual Roy/Ed
Status:: WIP
Summary: Alternate timeline ignoring the last few chapters of the manga, most glaringly the part where Roy's eyesight was restored.
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, blah blah blah XD
Author's Note: This might not be the final version. I'm half asleep, but I was anxious to get this posted, so I may do a few edits before crossposting <3

The rest of my fics are here.

Previous Parts

Ed would go with him of course. He could... well he'd work that out, and his mouth said the right words, turned up in a too bright smile, and he pretended he didn't hurt
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Fic - Proving Grounds

Title -- Proving Grounds
Author-- cornerofmadness
series -- manga/brotherhood
Disclaimer -- Arakawa owns them, I’m just playing.
Rating -- PG-13
Characters/Pairing -- Riza, Rebecca
Timeline/Spoilers -- set during Riza’s academy days
Word Count -- 993
Warning -- hints of an abusive upbringing, nothing graphic
Summary -- Riza needs to prove herself

The sun made sweat bead on her forehead
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