April 9th, 2012

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Fic: "Up a Tree" 1/1 ~ Mature Rating

Title: Up a Tree
Word Count: 990
Rating: Mature/Adult
Characters: Greed 2.0/Edward, Ling
Prompt: Any/Any (Any Canon): welcome embrace, falling back into their chest (or being pulled back into embrace, back to chest)

Summary: Greed takes advantage when an opportunity presents itself.
Warnings: Dub-con; 2nd Person POV, present tense.
Disclaimer: Arakawa would be horrified at the things I do with her characters.
Notes: Thanks to gaia_lulia for her edits.

“Trust me, alchemist, you’ll enjoy it more with my hand.”

Please note warnings. Fake cut will take you to my LJ. Crossposted.

Fic: Moonrise 8/10

Title: Moonrise
Author: gaia_lulia
Rating: T
Spoilers: none; this is an AU
Warnings: graphic violence
Characters/Pairings: Ed, Al, Roy, Riza, Kimbley
Summary: The Guardians of Flame and Steel have been called before the Emperor. Alone and afraid, Alphonse Elric waits for the moon to rise. Occult fantasy AU: magic and werewolves.

Fake cut to AO3:
(“You should put up a barrier around them before we start,” Kimbley said. “We don’t want any of them getting away, now do we?”)

Thanks once more to the inestimable mebh_me, and also to my husband, for helping me plot the later bits of this.