April 5th, 2012


Broken Little Things Part 4

Title: Broken Little Things Part 4
Author: inugrlrayn
Word Count: 2,466
Rating: Probably R or NC-17 (PG-13ish for this part)
Characters: eventual Roy/Ed
Status:: WIP
Summary: Alternate timeline ignoring the last few chapters of the manga, most glaringly the part where Roy's eyesight was restored.
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, blah blah blah XD
Author's Note: This might not be the final version. I'm half asleep, but I was anxious to get this posted, so I may do a few edits before crossposting <3

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Previous Parts

Sightless eyes faced the ceiling, and Ed remembered only too well listless and broken and staring out granny's window at a house with blood in the basement.