March 31st, 2012

tin cans can be cute
  • syolen

FMA fic: Backdoor Heroes

Title: Backdoor Heroes
Summary: To some, Edward and Alphonse Elric's lives were the stuff of legends. Al sometimes wondered if there would ever be books and songs written about them, knights in shining armor on a noble quest for Truth and Right.
Timeline: Pre-Lab Five in the first anime 'verse.
Rating:  PG
Word count: About 4,700.
Warnings: AU, only not really. Edward (i.e. a bit of language).
Disclaimer: So very not mine.
Note: Written for  who made a bid on my offer at . She said I could post it around, so here it is! :)

Sails fully unfolded, the Black Hayate moved swiftly along the shores of Amestris. If the map was right - and Mustang's maps were always right - the bay they were looking for was merely a few more miles away.

I hope you like it!