March 29th, 2012

braeda/chris 2

Fic: "It's Permanent Y'know!"

Title: It’s Permanent, Y’know!
Author: Sonja Jade
Series: Brotherhood
Word Count: 897
Rating: T (language)
Character(s): Braeda/Chris
Summary: Braeda declares his love for Chris in ink.  Permanent ink.  On his arm.
Author's Notes: Here is a pic of the tattoo Braeda gets (without the gold fleck of course).
Dedicated to [info]missyquill :)

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FMA Ed-Win I think of you

Fic: "Brave New World" 33/?

Title: Brave New World: Questions, Discussions V, Discussions VI
Characters/Pairings: Alphonse, Roy, Edward, Riza
Author: evil_little_dog
Rating: K+
Summary: Alphonse and Roy both want to know what's going on with Edward.
Warnings: Part of my continuing crossover between the first anime and the manga.
Disclaimer: *bows to the East and Arakawa*

Al nodded at Corporal Mustang, trying to keep from wincing at the sight of that eye patch. “Yes, sir?”

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