March 26th, 2012


Too Little Too Late

Title: Too Litle Too Late
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Verse: My OT3
Character: Roy/Ed/Russell, Al
Author: Little ole me ^_^
Genre: Humor/with a smattering of naughty
Words: 1,037
Rating: R (becasue Al is curious)
Summary: The Elric Brother's find themselves in an awkward situation after Al walks in on... well an awkward situation...
Warnings: None

He wasn’t sure if he could ever look at his beloved Brother the same again. 

FMA Ed-Win I think of you

Fic: "Coffee Talk" 1/1

Title: Coffee Talk
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters/Pairings: Maes, Roy (implied Roy/Riza; implied Maes/Roy)
Author: evil_little_dog
Words: 300
Rating: Teen for implications.
Summary: Maes wants to know if Roy knows any girls.
Warnings: Academy fic.
Disclaimer: Arakawa owns all, and Bones just pays her rent. I’m riding on a feather.
Notes: Written for fanfic_bakeoff prompt: “Lucky”.

“Do you know any girls?”

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Title: Girl in the War

Author: likeadeuce
Rating: NC-17 (sex, violence, profanity)
Word count: ~41,000
Characters: Riza Hawkeye, Roy Mustang, Maes Hughes, Rebecca Catalina, Original characters, Various pairings (m/f, f/f, m/m)
Warnings:Collapse )
Summary: When Riza Hawkeye comes to the front during the Ishbalan War, she's fighting ghosts of the past and figuring out where she fits.
Author's Notes: Many thousands of thanks to harmonyangel, resolute, inlovewithnight and seta_suzume for beta reading. Also, thanks to Suzume for providing the fabulous art, visible above and in this post. See AO3 post for full notes.
Continuity notes: This story occurs right after Good Soldiers and makes references to events and characters in that story. There are also some Easter eggs that refer back to You've Got to Choose, a Wish or Command. However, it is not necessary to read either previous story.

FIC: Girl in the War
FMA Ed Through Blood & Pain

FIC: Absolution in Another's Skin - PG-13

Absolution in Another's Skin

Summary: Envy lives for the moments he doesn’t have to pretend.

AUTHOR: catw00man
COMPLETED: September 8, 2011
PROMPT: Character - Envy
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Not mine. Not mine. I’m just playing with someone else’s toys.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: Alrighty then, this went way darker than I expected, but somehow I think it fits for Envy. I’ll be honest, I really didn’t know where this one was going until I got there! Also, this was written for the fma_fic_contest community and won! Kinda never got aroudn to putting htis one out there! LOL Trying to play som catch up ;-)

Absolution in Another's Skin

Fic: Even Of Dead Waters (ch 1 and 2)

Author: Liviface
Characters: Roy, Riza, Ed, Havoc
Rating: pg-13
Timeline: post manga
Summary: Central is over run by a horde of mindless creatures, remnants of the military's illicit experiments. In the wake of the destruction, Roy Mustang and his team struggle to survive and to care for those left behind.

A/N: First chapter is from an fma fic contest entry from ages ago, second chapter is part of the continuation I promised I'd do (yeah, I know, I'm slow...)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2