March 15th, 2012

sad ed

Broken Little Things Part 1

Title: Broken Little Things Part 1
Author: inugrlrayn
Word Count: 1,017
Rating: Probably R or NC-17 (PG for this part)
Characters: eventual Roy/Ed
Status:: WIP
Summary: Alternate timeline ignoring the last few chapters of the manga, most glaringly the part where Roy's eyesight was restored.
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, blah blah blah XD

This isn't the smutty one-shot I was working on the other night, but it's been eating my brain for months, and I finally have time to work on it, so be expecting more soonish :D

The rest of my fics are here.

Roy swallowed, scarcely recognizing his own voice as he took in an eternity of the world reduced to nothingness around him.

Fic: Moonrise 6/? (Plus bonus Ling fic)

Title: Moonrise
Author: gaia_lulia
Rating: T
Spoilers: none; this is an AU
Warnings: some violence
Characters/Pairings: Ed, Al, Roy, Riza, Kimbley
Summary: The Guardians of Flame and Steel have been called before the Emperor. Alone and afraid, Alphonse Elric waits for the moon to rise. Occult fantasy AU: magic and werewolves.

Fake cut to AO3:
(The courier snapped to attention when Ed entered the sitting room. “Guardian Elric,” he said, formally. “I’ve been instructed to escort you to HQ as soon as possible. The Emperor requires your service.”)

Again, much thanks to the inestimable mebh_me for edits!

Also, on a lighter note:
Title: Yum-Yum Time with Ling
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Ling, Lan-Fan
Summary: Ling really likes Amestrian food

Fake cut to AO3:
(The food here was so exotic.)
Ed Sexy 15

North, South, East and West

Title: North, South, East and West
Fandom: FMA
Pairing/Character: Roy, Breda, Ed, Jean and the usual cast
Words: 4 parts 100 words each
Genre: Drama/Angst 
Rating: R
Warnings: Massive one-sidedness and angst by the truckload 
Summary: Everyone's thinking but no one's acting. It's a rough road that our boy's are on. 
Dedicated to vexed_wench  because she was nice enough to read this over and not choke me for starting yet another fic *hugs on her*
A/N: This entire series will be from the alternating points of view of our 4 main characters