March 4th, 2012

Grim Mustang Colour

New Chapter (7) Here Dead We Lie

Title: Here Dead We Lie
Genre: Angst, tragedy, suspense
Characters: Mustang, Hughes, Ed, Tachi
Warnings: PG, gore at times, bad language
Summary: Following a devastating mission in Aerugo, Mustang is left alone without his precious team.  As he struggles to remember the truth, the powers that be force him to forget.

FMA Ed-Win I think of you

AU Fic: "Cobra Versus Mongoose"

Title: Cobra Versus Mongoose
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters/Pairings: Kimbley, Envy, mentions of other characters
Author: evil_little_dog
Words: 304
Rating: Teen
Summary: Envy's bleeding; Kimbley's surprised.
Warnings: Continuation of my Mafia A.U.
Disclaimer: Arakawa owns all, and Bones just pays her rent. I’m riding on a feather.
"Please do try not to bleed all over my office."

Fake cut will take you to my LJ, along with all previous chapters of this fic. Enjoy!

The Tie That Binds- Chapter 2/?

Author: crazybeagle
Characters: Edward, Alphonse, Truth, Hohenheim, Mustang, Winry, Mei, Izumi, and pretty much everybody else who's still around by the end of the manga/Brotherhood. 
Genre: Drama, angst, hurt/comfort 
Rating: High T for gore and language potential 
Teaser: "You've grown presumptuous indeed, alchemist." Ed has made his offer to Truth. What if Truth refuses to accept it? Equivalent exchange. A toll must still be paid…
Notes: Set during the final chapter of the manga/the corresponding Brotherhood episode. Not a death-fic, nor a parallel universe fic, or anything of that sort, though obviously an alternate ending of sorts. Be warned, though—said toll will be pretty brutal. Poor, poor Edward.... No real pairings planned, though if they're given a nod they'll be canon. 
Disclaimer: ALL YOUR FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST ARE BELONG TO ME. ....Yeah. Not so much. And I'm sure Arakawa (and Ed and Al) are happier that way. 

Brother can't die here....he can't die for me....