March 3rd, 2012

[[Rin]] Serene

Caption Fun~

I was coloring some fanart and this panel is begging for a caption.

So, what's Edward saying or thinking?  What's he reading off of that piece of paper?  Tell me and I'll add your text to it~ :3

Original image is here, by Dynamite.

ETA: Try to keep 'em short, please!  Also, you can submit more than one~
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[FMA Fic] Ordinary Day

Title: Ordinary Day
Characters: Riza, Hayate, Maria Ross, Rebecca (kinda)
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,031
Summary: It’s just another night for Riza.
Author’s Note written for gaia_lulia for prompt “What Riza does in her free time” in fmagiftexchange. Thanks to cornerofmadness for the quick beta! Crossposted to my journal.

Usually after work Riza would go straight to home, but tonight she decided to head for the bookstore a couple streets from Eastern Command.
FMA -Alphonse

Some drabbles

I wrote them for several occasions but didn't feel like bothering you by bringing them one by one, especially when they're among other drabbles such as Bleach, Pr. Layton, and Downton Abbey stuff.

Body language (Roy/Riza, G) : here

Evening at Madame's (Roy, Chris, G)
Game start (Breda, Mustang, G)
Moving in (Roy/Riza, G)
Over the wall (Roy, Riza, G) : all there !

Crossposted, links will lead to whalesinthesky​.


[fanart] Fullmetal Steampunk + cosplay

Title: Fullmetal Steampunk
Artist: peace_of_hope
Rating: G
Characters: Ed, Al, Winry

Fullmetal Steampunk
by ~peace-of-hope on deviantART

Note: This is a COPY/REDRAW with ALTERATIONS of this original illustration by Hiromu Arakawa: here

The original image, idea, pose, entire series and characters belong to Arakawa-sensei. I do not claim any of those things, all I can claim is this redraw and re-imagining of this illustration in a steampunk style. Again, this is a redrawing/copy of an existing illustration, I do not claim anything but this new drawing, which his heavily indebted to the original work of Arakawa-sensei.

Also, thought I'd share the two best pics from my Edward cosplay shoot (finally, it's only been oh, 6 years since I've had this cosplay and never had it professionally photographed).

by ~peace-of-hope on deviantART

Edward Elric
by ~peace-of-hope on deviantART
*Featured on Great Cosplay on Tumblr