January 26th, 2012


Sacred Star of Milos

Saw it last night. Is set in a time-frame when the boys know what philosopher stones are made of and Al's armor is in pretty good repair. (my comments are suitably vague that I expect they don't count as spoilers).

Yikes what a bunch of bloodthirsty, power-craving dictatorships there are in Amestris's little world!

Waste lives in war, waste lifetimes as slaves to the grist-stones of industry, waste the potential of youth by denying education and resources to develop it, waste souls making philosopher's stones...how much of a difference is there, to those in reckless pursuit of their own personal power?

If you liked 'Brotherhood' anime you'll like the movie, I think.

Chicks always fall for Al...

PS: Hot Roy is hot.

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PPS: Fat Roy in the cosplay outfit with fat Riza cosplayer was, sadly, not hot. But still very skilled costuming work. When fat-Roy took off his gloves to snack in the lobby I almost felt like asking him if he felt vulnerable when thus disarmed. But I lost my nerve.
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