January 17th, 2012

FMA Rez Trio Group Hug

Fic: "A Meeting of Minds" 1/1

Title: A Meeting of Minds
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters/Pairings: Winry Rockbell, Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Izumi Curtis
Author: evil_little_dog
Words: 484
Rating: K+
Summary: Ed and Al take Winry to meet Izumi.
Warnings: Post-108 ficlet.
Disclaimer: Arakawa owns all, and Bones just pays her rent. I’m riding on a feather.

“You ought to meet our teacher,” Alphonse said, and Edward nodded his agreement.

Afternoon Delights

Title: Afternoon Delights
Author: alchemyotaku75
Pairing: EdxWinry
Rating: Adult

Word count: 3,824
Warnings: Sexual situations, language, and spoilers for the end of Brotherhood. Also, beta’d by myself, so beware of snafus.
Summary: Ed has many obsessions, but Winry’s apple pie is one of his favorites, especially when Winry is wearing it.

This fic was meant to be finished a year ago for the winter 2011 springkink prompt: Ed/Winry; “She tastes like apple pie,” due on February 13, 2011. My sincerest apologies to the OP for the excessively long wait.

You can read it at either my
LJ or AO3 accounts.