January 3rd, 2012

Ed Tux

Drabbly Things

Title: Needs

Rating: PG
Characters: Hohenheim/Trisha
Prompt: fmagiftexchange - Hohenheim/Trisha, though some baby Elric could be interesting.
Warnings: womanly pain? fluff? D:
Notes: Thanks to bob_fish for the tropical pool-side plot bunny (no, the drabble isn't by a tropical pool, just bob_fish). Unbeta'd, so don't be shy.

She rolled toward the edge of the bed to get up, but gasped and doubled over in pain.


Title: Hot and Cold

Rating: R
Characters: Kimblee, Miles
Prompt: fmagiftexchange - Kimblee's experiences in Drachma
Warnings: slash leanings, lightly suggestive
Notes: Sorry this is so short and for missing part of the prompt. Kimblee POV is hard, man! Set in the brief moments Miles is in his clinic room at Briggs, before Raven and Goldtooth arrive.

He'd seen, he'd noted, and he'd moved on.