January 1st, 2012

Ed Tux


fma_slashfest is now collecting prompts for Round Two! The prompt collection post will be open until January 15th at 11:00PM EST.

There's no need to be a a member to submit prompts. Add your prompts HERE.

If you are a fan of yaoi or yuri, you should check out fma_slashfest!


There are always lots of challenges and contests available for authors and artists … and now here is one for FMA readers!


fma_review is a reading review challenge aimed to inspire more readers to leave reviews for the stories they enjoy. Our first monthly challenge will run for the month of January 2012, and SIGN UPS are now open!

To learn more about fma_review, please check out the guidelines post HERE.



We need stories to review! Whether or not you decide to participate in this challenge, we welcome you to refer our readers to your favorite stories! We also have places to link to previously made rec lists, so if you've taken the time to compile one already, we'd love to have a link to it!

To add to the Recommendation list, please visit THIS POST.