December 1st, 2011

FMA Ed-Win I think of you

Fic: "Studying Reflections" 1/1

Title: Studying Reflections
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Author: evil_little_dog
Characters: Alphonse dissects his brother’s look.
Rating: K
Word Count: 336
Summary: Alphonse dissects his brother’s look.
Disclaimer: Arakawa owns these people, Bones pays her, and I write fanfic for fun. Tell me the difference here? Yes, that’s right, I don’t get paid.
Warnings: Takes place somewhere between the final episode of the original FMA anime and C.o.S.

Alphonse stared at himself in the mirror.

Fake cut to my LJ. Crossposted. Enjoy!

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fma_review is a reading review challenge aimed to inspire more readers to leave reviews on the stories they enjoy. Our first monthly challenge will run for the month of January 2012 with sign ups beginning December 15th. There will not be a challenge every month, though there will be a few throughout the year. There will also be a yearly challenge for reviews in 2012.

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