November 13th, 2011


[Fic] He Who Searches for Himself - Chapter 43

Story: He Who Searches For Himself
Author: yuukihikari
Chapter: #43 - Bad Witch
Beta: AmunRa
Rating: PG
Series: First anime
Previous: Chapter List
Genre: PlotFic; AU!Movie
Premise: Set shortly after the end of the first TV series. Ed's journey to get home, Al's journey to find his brother.
Chapter Summary: Ed begins to reveal the magnitude of information he's learnt beyond the Gate as Dante resurfaces.
FFN: chapter option
Note: 22 itty bitty thumbnail sketches got tossed in :3

[ Ed had watched his father stand at the front of lecture halls and teach for years... ]

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Fic - Grow Old Along With Me

Title -- Grow Old Along With Me
Author-- cornerofmadness
Disclaimer -- Arakawa owns them, not I
Rating -- teen
Characters/Pairing -- Ed/Winry Al, Mei
Timeline/Spoilers -- post 108, no real spoilers unless you don’t know what happens to the brothers at the end.
Word Count -- 4,389
Summary -- He was so very nervous about it all
Author’s Note -- - written for fireandice2011 for the prompt ‘flower crowns’ Much to my surprise and delight I won first place. Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I'm so glad you liked my story. The title is from a Robert Browning poem.
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It was an unprecedented moment

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