October 16th, 2011

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asking for help again...continuation of previous post...

In re this post: http://fm-alchemist.livejournal.com/7468151.html, one fanart has been found and only more needs to be. Thanks SO much to colordrifter for finding it! :) The fanart collection project is almost complete! Sadly tho I've looked thru so many deviantArt galleries that I'm going cross-eyed. So, in the hopes of completing this little Don't Forget fanart collection project, I'm asking begging anyone who has some time to spare to look thru a few of the galleries and see if you can find the fanart of Ed and Nina that I'm missing. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Here's a screencap of the fanart I need.

Collapse )

Thank you for putting up with me ^_^ and for hopefully finding the missing fanart! :)
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Winry Cel + 2 Armstrong cels $6 each

Original auction (with details of whether they're douga, ect.):

Since no one was interested in a GA, I am selling these for $9.25 each ($6.25 + shipping with cardboard) Better if I can combine shipping. If you get all 3, shipping is free.

Armstrong 1: http://www.zero-space.net/sale/images/FMAMovie_18.jpg

Armstrong 2: http://www.zero-space.net/sale/images/FMAMovie_17.jpg

I'd like to sell these in a set.

Winry: http://www.zero-space.net/sale/images/FMA016.jpg

I can only take Paypal.

Feedback is in my journal!
[Roy and Riza] Him and his Queen

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Does anyone know if Funimation plans to release boxed sets of the DVDs/Blu-Rays of the Brotherhood season? Like, one set of the entire season or even in two parts instead? I really want to get all the episodes but it'd be nice to know if I can save a few dollars doing that instead of buying all five volumes at once that are available now. ^^;

Thanks in advance!
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