October 8th, 2011

Ed Tux

FMA artists: we need you!

The writers are now hard at work, crafting their stories and beefing up their word counts. So now is the time to find artists to illustrate!

Artists may choose any media, including tablet illustrations, traditional artwork, AMVs, digital banners and manipulations, and sound tracks, just to name a few. At the end of October, writers will submit drafts to become eligible for art. This means each artist will be guaranteed a good chunk of text to pull from for their art pieces. Final drafts from all parties will be due February 15th, so you will have plenty of time to put something together (or even more than one something - it's happened quite a bit in rounds past!).

The Big Bang Challenge is open to any FMA fan. This means your buddies on DeviantART are more than welcome to sign up as well. Please help spread the word! I'd love to see every author paired off with an artist if possible.

Artist sign ups are HERE.

Beta reader sign ups are HERE.

Twenty-five cruelties

Hello! New here in Fm_alchemist. I've been a fan of FMA for a long time, and I'm always writing fanfics. None of them any good, but hey! Anyways, I thought I'd introduce myself as well as post a fic that I literally wrote in about 30 minutes. Anyways, I don't know if I'm doing this right so please bare with me! I'm so sorry if I mess up. I don't know if I'm supposed to do this, but here it goes. If I'm breaking any rules, just delete it and I'll hide somewhere out of sight. Also, I can't remember how to make links spiffy so..I guess this will have to do.

Title: Twenty-five Cruelties
Author: Envious_doll
Rating: PG-13 for blood and death
Warnings: Some of them could be a bit squickish as well as dark.
Spoilers: FMA first anime, manga, and Brotherhood anime
Characters: Envy
Summary: Twenty-five one sentence ficlets about Envy in his day to day life.
Author's Notes: Some of them are manga/Brotherhood based and others are the first anime base and number 4, 7, 9, and 25 is from a fic that’s running through my head…if I could ever figure out how to write the damn thing.

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Happy Winry

[Fanart] A Photoshoot

Ahhh quickie fanart :D;

Title: A Photoshoot
Artist: yuukihikari
Characters: Ed and Winry, yes.
Rating: PG. Lots of Winry leg.
Artist's Note: It's so. very. random. Lines lines lines lines stitching sketchy lines... as I revolt against the month worth of circles I've been drawing. There were some model pictures put up in one of the visual arts wings at school, gave me the idea.

( Beyond the fake cut )
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