August 22nd, 2011

FMA Ed-Win I think of you

Fics: "Whiskey Dreams" & "Take It All Away"

Title: Whiskey Dreams
Author: evil_little_dog
Characters: Edward Elric (Ed/Winry implied)
Words: 300
Rating: Teen for drinking
Summary: Ed knows she wouldn’t wait forever.
Warnings: Imaging that Winry decided not to wait on Ed, and married someone else.
Disclaimer: So very not mine.
fanfic_bakeoff prompt: Foolish


Title: Take It All Away
Author: evil_little_dog
Characters: Alphonse Elric
Words: 141
Rating: Gen
Summary: Al deals with a loss. (Ed/Winry implied, Al+Winry implied)
Warnings: Prequel.
Disclaimer: So very not mine.
theraincrow's prompt: Alphonse/Steel

Whiskey Dreams & Take It All Away

Fake cut will take you to my journal, where link to the entire series is located. Crossposted.
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Title: Fort Briggs and a Little Lady
Fandoms: Fullmetal Alchemist, Yotsuba&!
Characters: Falman, Buccaneer, Miles, Yotsuba
Word Count: 627
Summary: Of all the babyfic I ever thought I might possibly be perpetrating in my life, Fort Briggs babyfic was not top of the list. You probably don't actually need to know Yotsuba to enjoy this. You probably do need to find the concept of Fort Briggs + five-year-old-child inexplicably hilarious to enjoy this . . .

It had been over a decade since Fort Briggs had concluded an enemy encounter with anything less than a crushing victory.

Fic - Reasons of the Heart

Title --Reasons of the Heart
Author-- cornerofmadness
series -- manga
Disclaimer -- Arakawa owns all
Rating -- PG-13
Characters/Pairing -- Chris, Roy
Timeline/Spoilers -- Set in Roy’s childhood, spoilers if you don’t know who raised him
Word Count -- 1,694
Warning -- none
Summary -- Someone has wormed into her heart.
Author’s Note -- I had no intentions of doing this one since I have other deadlines. In less than an hour, this spilled onto the page. Thanks to evil_little_dog for the quick beta. It took second place in the fma_fic_contest’s ‘heart’ prompt contest. Follow the link to see the pretty banner by bay115

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FIC: Daydream

Title: Daydream
Author: Auto-Alchemechanicist (miss_auto1621)

Rating: minor T, or is it?

Warning: Edward's illusion isn't so clean.
Spoilers: none, really.
: Edward E. & Winry R.

Summary: It’s just a thought, but he wished that it could be real. Post Manga. Part of Unwritten Series.Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Author's note: Disclaimer: Mayra does not own FMA. Arakawa does.
Theme: 9: Illusion for 101 Kisses challenge! Dedicated to my wonderful beta,strandedthought
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