July 28th, 2011

Hagaren Team

FMA Fan-made Stuff Sale =3

Hi everyone! I have some fan-made items for sale. They were sold during MiniComi 2011 (a local fan-artist event in Vancouver, BC) and I am selling some of the remaining items online. Please click the photo below to my journal's sale post. Thanks!

Items include: FMA 2012 Calendar, Ed & Al Note Pad, Al Sticky Pad, Al Magnets, Anime charms

I also have some *DOUJINSHIS* and *FMA MERCHANDISES* for sale (please click the words). Combined shipping welcomed ^_^ Thanks for reading.

As LJ is still acting a bit wonky, I would prefer e-mail communication for the moment. My e-mail is edo.aru[at]gmail.com. Thanks!
braeda/chris 2

Fic: Whatever it Takes

Sorry I didn't post this sooner, I was going to wait until it was finished to share, but somehow I get the feeling from missyquill  that I should just go on and put it out there.

TITLE:"Whatever it Takes"
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Braeda/Chris, Royai, Grumman/Chris (one sided)
RATING: As a whole, probably R/M, chapter warnings below

1st chapter: BIG NEWS- Braeda and Chris have some big news to share the night of Roy celebrates his promotion to General and being tapped as next in line for Führer.  Rated T for some language

2nd chapter: REINFORCEMENTS- Grumman's not happy.  He begins to set in motion a very hurtful string of events.  Rated T for language

3rd chapter: SHUFFLING THE DECK- Chris isn't about to be outdone or outclassed.  She takes some necessary countermeasures and things seem fine...  Rated NC17 (c'mon, you knew it was coming... ba-zing! a pun!)

4th chapter: WAITING AND WATCHING- Grumman sense that something's up and decides to play his wild card, something Chris doesn't expect him to do.  And what's this about transfers?  Rated T

All links take you to the story as it's posted on ff.net.

5th chapter coming soon!  Crossposted, sorry for spam!
FMA Ed-Win I think of you

Fic: "Bragging Rights" 1/1

Title: Bragging Rights
Author: evil_little_dog
Series: Brotherhood/Manga
Word Count: 800
Rating: High teen?
Characters: Winry, Edward, Alphonse, Paninya
Summary: When the Elrics come to visit, things always get noisy.
Warnings: Talk about…sex…sexual organs…boy stuff. You know. Post-108.
Disclaimer: Arakawa might be horrified by the things I do to her characters.
fma_fic_contest prompt: Sibling Rivalry

There were only two people Paninya considered ‘visitors’, and Winry swore she could hear them squabbling from two blocks away.

Fake cut will take you to my LJ. Crossposted. Enjoy. :D