June 17th, 2011


Ed and Al 'interviewed' about new FMA movie

I saw this linked on the Full Metal Podcast's twitter feed, and I decided to share it with the rest of you.

As part of the promotional material for the new "Sacred Star of Milos" movie opening in July, Pia Eiga Seikatsu posted an 'interview' with Ed and Al (voiced by Romi Paku and Rie Kugimiya) with cameos by several other characters. There is also an Anime News Network article with links to the 'interview' and a brief synopsis.

It is untranslated, but still highly amusing. If anyone sees a subbed version of it surface, I would love to see it. Hopefully it will get dubbed as part of the promo material when Funimation releases the English version of the movie.
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Fanfic: Gilded (23/26)

Twenty-third chapter of my series about Ed, Al, and Winry after the Promised Day has now been posted! 

Title: Gilded
Rating: PG (for this chapter)
Summary: In which some people stay up late.
Warnings: SPOILERS through to the end of the manga/Brotherhood.

Click here for the first chapter, with links to later parts; click here for the most recent chapter, "Want".  Enjoy!
FMA Roy Colonel Badass

FIC: A Promise for the Future - PG-13

A Promise for the Future

Summary: A routine debriefing with Colonel Elric's subordinate leads to a glimpse of the future.

AUTHOR: catw00man
PAIRING: Edward Elric, Roy Mustang, Jean Havoc, Ed POV
COMPLETED: June 9, 2011
PROMPT: Role Reversal
AUTHOR’S NOTE: Thanks to zippitgood for the beta. She always makes everything I write so much better!!!
AUTHOR’S NOTE2: This was written for the fma_fic_contest community and actually was voted second place! I haven't decided but there could be more of this.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Not mine. Not mine. I’m just playing with someone else’s toys.
SPOILERS: I would say the setting is the first anime around about the time of Fullmetal vs Flame.

A Promise for the Future