May 30th, 2011



I probably shouldn't tell you guys this but.

Volume 25 of the official translated manga is not supposed to hit the shelves until June 7th. However...I got mine today!

I don't know if my local Barnes & Noble made a mistake or what, but as soon as we saw it, my pal tk31085 and I grabbed it. So if you have a local B&N, and you don't want to wait anymore, check the manga section to see if they have it!

Avenging Angel (Gracia Hughes, Roy Mustang)

Title: Avenging Angel
Author: likeadeuce
Series: Manga/Brotherhood
Word Count: 498
Rating: PG
Characters: Gracia Hughes, Jean Havoc, Roy Mustang
Summary: "Colonel Mustang requests you reserve judgment on his actions until such time as he can explain himself personally."
Note: Originally written for "Angel" prompt at fma_fic_contest; also available at Archive of Our Own
Warnings: Spoilers for major events through volume 10 of the manga.

FIC: Avenging Angel