May 29th, 2011

Riza graffitis you

Seven ficlets, two fanarts

Various pairings and subjects. Each link goes to a separate post.

Seven ficlets:

Vox Pop (Olivia/Miles UST) PG: The new recruit is far more interesting than expected.

Shindig (Hughes, Armstrong, Brosch) G: How is this all getting so out of hand?

By Inches (Roy/Ed) PG-13: More fun to look at than to get off.

The Pull of Gravity (Roy/Ed) PG, warning for sap: this wasn't part of the plan. Written for a_big_apple's prompt "Roy/Ed - 'But I want to go on from here with you / fighting the temptation to make a career of pain.'"

Stubble Burn co-write with sky_dark (Roy/Ed) PG: In keeping with his general approach to marital disputes, Roy tried charm first.

Learn by Doing (Ed/Ling) R: "Or," said Ed, "you could use, you know, a plate. Prompt-ficlet from vwl's prompt, "Ed/Ling; foodsex. Plus challenge: use the word credenza in this fic."

Off-Topic (Ed/Winry) NC-17: It was the big, wobbly grin that - for some reason - really did it for Winry. Prompt-ficlet from evil_little_dog's prompt, "Ed/Winry; following the goodie trail. Alternately, Garfiel catches them in the act?"

And two worksafe fanarts:

Victory (Ed/Winry) PG, WS art: after Alfred Eisenstaedt's photograph V-J Day in Times Square. Drawn for evil_little_dog's birthday.

Catch-up (Havoc) G, WS art: manly determination, and guns. Drawn for havocmangawip's birthday.