May 19th, 2011

Ed - Evil Grin by lavaliere

Fanfiction: The Events that Trigger

The Events that Trigger
Author: sockren
Beta: catw00man, zippitgood and bay115
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Dark, AU, AT, First Time, Yaoi.
Pairing: Ed x Roy.
Summary: It had all gone horribly wrong.
Warning: This is dark. You probably shouldn't read it. I also haven't written in a long time. Smells like rust in here.
Alternate Timeline Note: This takes place before Hughes' death and after Ed turned 16 in the original hagaren. It reads under the assumption that Drachma invaded Amestris in 1913.
Word Count: 8,700
Last Revised 5/19/11
( To Sever the Frivolous )