May 6th, 2011

FMA Blood Ties

FIC: Blood Ties (12/14)

Title: Blood Ties (12/14)
Author: jordannamorgan
Series: Original anime, post-series.
Word Count: 90k+ for the total story; 7,436 this chapter.
Rating: PG-13.
Characters: A huge ensemble, focusing on Ed.
Summary: Alternative to Conqueror of Shamballa. An old enemy plunges Ed into the dark secrets of his new world, linked to the alchemy he thought lost to him—while in Amestris, Al faces a life-or-death choice. Will the nightmare Ed is drawn into provide the key to both their fates?
Warnings: Fantasy violence and blood.

( Chapter XII: Fates )

Chapters: I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. XI.
Ed Tux

Charity Auctions

I have an art offer at helpthesouth to help raise relief efforts for those devastated by the recent tornados.

You can find my offer HERE.

I figured Id post it here to pimp relief efforts and also to help any of those thoughtful people that like to make lists of everyone who is offering FMA stuffs.
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[FanArt] Behind the Gate

Title: Behind the gate
Genre: Drama
Fandom: FullMetal Alchemist
Rating: PG-15
Pairing: Roy/Ed or RoyAi (Personal interpretation)
Warnigs: Shounen ai
Notes: The drawing follows a somewhat convoluted explanation: Edward is in the center for several reasons, first of all is 'cause he's very similar to the Father (of which there are only the eyes), while the second is that he's the junction point of the other three characters
Izumi is one of the five sacrifices, therefore she couldn't miss, and now Riza is Roy's eyes, because he's blind
In the end, this draw came to my mind after seeing this video: it's on the note of Ray of Light, but in Roy/Ed version
Characters: Riza Hawkeye, Roy Mustang, Edward Elric, Izumi Curtis, Father's eyes

Link on Livejournal:

( Behind the gate )

Link on DevianArt:

( Behind the gate )

FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST © 2002Hiromu Arakawa/SQUARE ENIX. All Rights Reserved.
[fma] had a long day

Fanfic: Gilded (12/26)

Twelth chapter of my series about Ed, Al, and Winry after the Promised Day has now been posted! 

Title: Gilded
Rating: G (for this chapter)
Summary: In which Mei Chan has something to say.
Warnings: SPOILERS through to the end of the manga/Brotherhood.

Click here for the first chapter and links to other parts; click here for the most recent chapter, "Letter".  Enjoy!
fma - ed - roy's

FIC: Faith's Battlefield 6/8 - Another Road Traveled: The Creation of an Amestrian Soldier - R

Title: Faith's Battlefield 6/8
Author: catw00man and zippitgood
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Series: The Creation of an Amestrian Soldier
Universe: Another Road Travelled
Character(s): Roy Mustang/Edward Elric, Envy, Gluttony
Rating: R
Word Count: 5,971 (Chapter), 30,033 (Overall)
Disclaimer: The characters portrayed within are not mine. They belong to the actors, producers, writers, and corporate entities that own them. I mean no disrespect and have no intentions of making a profit. This is merely a loving response to the original work.
Summary: After a brief whirlwind fling that disintegrated over the issue of how to heal Jean Havoc after his encounter with Lust, Edward Elric and Roy Mustang went their separate ways. Months later, a plot throws them together in the middle of wartorn Lior. Distrust and treachery abound but the real question is can they put aside their personal issues and survive?

Faith's Battlefield 6/8
Al Devious

Invidia: XIII

Title: Invidia: XIII
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters/Pairing: Roy/Ed, one-sided Al/Ed
Words: 297
Rating: T
Genre: Angst/Darkfic
Summary: Al doesn't like to see his precious Ed upset... but it can't be avoided, some sacrifices have to be made 
Random Quote: “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”  ~Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

Previous Parts: I  II   III   IV  V  VI  VII  VIII  IX  X  XI  XII
Mustang and Hawkeye- Hug

Post Chapter 108/ Episode 65 Royai fic recs?

Hey, I am in a RoyAi mood. I was wondering if anyone had any post chapter 108/episode 65 RoyAi fic recs.

I would prefer one shots or short multi-chapter fics. I am really hoping for fluffy stuff, getting married, having a family, that sort of thing. The happy ending they should have.

(Though I am not adverse to some Roy never got his sight back angst perhaps)

So, whatcha got for me, guys? I can't wait to read them.

Some figures/gashapon sales @ my journal :3

Since my room is exploding and I no longer have the time to clean/take care of my collection as I should, I'm looking for a nice home for some of my plastic cuties XD

You can access the sale page from here ^^
The boxes of the figures are not included, and the price is intended without shipping fees.

Thank you in advance!
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