April 18th, 2011

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[MMD] What Ed and Roy do when they are alone (kappa nitori)

Yeah, get your mind out of the gutter yaoi fans. lol This is also not making fun of the characters as I just love them and I thought it would be funny to make them dance to something like this. and yeah, Roy's leading with the dancing and singing.

The ending is funny. I took one look at the when I was making some other models dance and immediately thought of Roy and Ed. It'd be funnier with these two. Sadly I have no Riza so it's WInry that walks in on them but it's still a funny thought. So pretend that the stage is Mustang's office as it's the closest thing I can find.

Read youtube video description for stage/motion/and model links and credits.  (No direct downloads)
Cas s12

Fic: The Riderless Horse

Title: The Riderless Horse
Author: bob_fish
Illustrated by: a_big_apple, almost_british and dreamer1789
Characters/Pairings: Roy and Riza (friendship), Team Mustang, Hakuro, Madam Christmas. Gen.
Rating: R for the sort of occasional gruesomeness that comes with a murder mystery
Word count: 25966 total - complete chapterfic is complete!
Summary: You've only been awake for thirty-six hours, staged a coup, fought a bunch of monsters and nearly died a few times. It's not as if you've had a tough day. Post-Manga, Slightly AU from Ch 105. What if Olivia Armstrong hadn't survived the Promised Day? The final battle is over, but the struggle for Amestris goes on - and if Team Mustang were looking forward to a little rest and recuperation, they can think again. When Fuhrer Grumman dies after only a few hours in office, Roy and Riza launch a secret murder investigation. The stakes are high: not only the country's future, but the lives of everyone they know …
Extra tl;dr note: Prequel to No Small Injury and The Phoney War. However - this fic can be read as a standalone to canon if you'd like, and as such doesn't hint at any of the pairings (Roy/Ed, Havoc/Rebecca, Riza/Miles) that emerge in those later stories.
Pimping: in the mood for more plotty chapterfic? Check out fmabigbang for awesome illustrated stories posted throughout the month!

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

A Request.

Mods - if this violates the rules (I fear it might), please do delete it.

I hate to open with a post like this (I've only just found this comm, and shall certainly be lurking/contributing in the future!), but I need help.

I'd like to start a Fullmetal Alchemist 'zine, and I was wondering if any of you would like to contribute material to get it off the ground? My personal LJ isn't exactly popular, so it's hard for me to get support any way other than advertising on other comms, and I'd rather not create all the content myself because frankly, nobody wants to read that.

So if you have anything (fanfic, fanart, gushing praise, doujinshi, cosplay photos...) that you'd like to contribute, head over to milk_zine and follow the instructions. You don't have to provide your real name unless you want to; I'll be crediting everyone by LJ name.

Again, if this is inappropriate, delete it, but if anyone knows of anywhere it would be allowed, could they direct me?