April 1st, 2011

Ed Tux

Big Bang Begins Posting!

Round 2 of fmabigbang is now complete!

Week One stories begin posting today and continue throughout the week. I'm sure you will see posts for many of the stories individually, but you may track all Week One links on the Master List HERE.

Weeks Two and Three will follow in turn. There are many, many stories and art pieces to share this year!
  • bay115

[Big Bang Fic] Down the Road

Title: Down the Road
Author: bay115
Beta: The lovely and great haganeneko
Artists: seta_suzumeghosthax  (thanks so much you two!) and bay115
Genre: Drama, Action, Flashback
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 36,028
Pairing/Characters: Ling/Lan Fan (UST), May, Shao May, short appearances from various OCs and canon characters (including one from the Daughter of the Dusk FMA Wii game)
Warnings: Violence, deceased body being carried throughout this story.
Summary: Ling, Lan Fan, and May took the long road back to Xing by passing through Aerugo and crossing the ocean, carrying Fu’s deceased body with them. As the group was traveling, they got to know Fu better by reading his journal. Unfortunately, the journey doesn’t go smoothly as a water alchemist, the Aerugo royal family, and thieves make sure to delay the trip.
Author's Note: For the 2010-2011 fmabigbang .seta_suzume and I did the art for the Big Bang story. All chapters crossposted to my journal.

Chapter One: Before the Trip
Chapter Two: Meeting With May
Chapter Three: All Quiet on the Southern Front
Chapter Four: Ada of Rainington
Chapter Five: The Camiburn Tale
Chapter Six: King of the South, Prince of the East
Chapter Seven: The Five Thieves
Chapter Eight: We Encounter Wind
Chapter Nine: Tender
Chapter Ten: Finally Home
[fma] he's a HOUSEWIFE

Fanfic: Gilded (2/26)

Second chapter of my series about Ed, Al, and Winry after the Promised Day has now been posted!

Title: Gilded
Rating: PG-13 (for this chapter)
Summary: In which Ed discovers the perils of eavesdropping.
Warnings: SPOILERS through to the end of the manga/Brotherhood.

Click here for the second chapter, "Bath"; click here for the first chapter, "Advice".  Enjoy!


FMA x APH crossover fanart

Title: Alchemist Powers Hetalia
Characters: Edward & Alphonse as Switzerland & Liechtenstein
Rating: G
Warnings: crossover, crossdressing

Alchemist Powers Hetalia
by ~peace-of-hope on deviantART

There have just been some real douche-canoes on deviant art today and I don't know if it's because it's April Fools, but it's just not gonna fly with me, so that's why there's the note below.

Note: I love Hetalia. I love FMA, my first love. I think it's clear from my gallery I love FMA. If you don't like Hetalia, that's cool, but be mature about it. If all you're going to do is comment about how much you hate Hetalia, don't bother. Come up with a constructive argument instead of something vulgar and I may actually consider what you have to say.

Side note, got my NSFW fanart archive finally up HERE. Warnings: ELRICEST, NSFW, YAOI
[fma] we have a lot of work to do

Fic - All the Work of My Hands

Pairing/Characters: Ensemble (pairings include Ed/Winry, Al/May, Roy/Riza and Greed/Ling/Lanfan)
Content Advisory: Kissing, babies, terribad innuendo
Words: 4,377
Summary: Snapshots, here and there, some three or four years after the epilogue *handwaves in the general direction of the timeline*. Headcanon abounds.

Written for astridv who won fic from me in help_pakistan many moons ago. Endless apologies for how ridiculously late this is! My thanks to the impeccable aamalie for beta reading. Title taken from Sufjan Stevens's "Saul Bellow".

"Wouldn't want to be anywhere else."